The procedures we offer in salon “Jasmine” are done using the cosmetics of French brands Sothys and Gerard's.



  Nutri-Relaxing Modelling SOTHYS
Price 38,- Eur

Deep and relaxing body massage which helps to reduce the tension of body. Recommended before and after physical activity.

  Body Seasonal Event SOTHYS
Price 36,- Eur

Seasonal procedure for the body creates the feeling of the harmony and gives a real enjoyment, surrounding the skin with a delightful raspberry and jasmine scent for a long time.  The treatment purifies the body with scrub and relaxing massage. 

  Body Escape massage SOTHYS
Price 36,- Eur

You are the creator of your procedure. You have a chance to create your own massage by choosing the means of the massage – light oil, mild cream or melting wax, then adding one of the elixirs – lemon, bitter orange, vanilla, sandalwood, orange blossoms, cedar with musk – wood scent.

  Oriental Ceremony SOTHYS
Price 43,- Eur

The ceremony begins with Awakening Prelude - short relaxation, which is followed by skin cleansing with ginger balm. The main part of the cleansing ritual is traditional Indian massage with stones that are wrapped in the bags of spices. It warms the body deeply, relieves muscle tension, delightful aroma will accompany you for a long time.


Price 43,- Eur

Unique body treatment inspired by traditions of Japanese bathing. Rice powder peeling with blossoming sakura extract and foot massage based on acupuncture are followed by relaxing full body massage with shea butter.


Chocolate procedure for a firmness and elasticity of a skin
Price 40,- Eur

Body exfoliation, massage, mask and cream.

  General body massage 35,- Eur
Back massage 12,- Eur
Neck massage 8,- Eur
Leg massage 15,- Eur



  Body Escape exfoliation SOTHYS
Price 18,- Eur

Sophisticated peeling with delicate scent of your choice cleanses, nourishes and tones up the skin of the body, making it velvety.


Purifying peeling procedure for body
Price 18,- Eur

Body exfoliation and moisturiser application.


Tribal Orient Hammam
Price 50,- Eur

Oriental body treatment based on thousands of years old traditions from Hammam baths. The treatment carefully cleanses and energises body and skin.




Smoothing-Warming SOTHYS
Price 59,- Eur

An active and intensive treatment that helps to prepare tissues for physical activity. Helps to reduce lactic acid accumulation in tissues and effectively stimulates weight loss.


Pressotherapy treatment - boots 40 min
1 x 40min = 20,- Eur
6 x 40min = 102,- Eur
10 x 40min = 150,- Eur

An active apparatus procedure that works on the lymphatic and blood circulatory systems. Reduces body volume, reduces swelling and cellulite. Legs, belly and arms are being treated.


x1 = 45,- Eur
x6 = 240,- Eur
x10 = 350,- Eur

Vacuum and mechanical roller massage with infrared heating and radio frequency. The procedure provides effective fat breakdown and cellulite reduction. The modeling of the figure is done with the modern V8 Syneron, which is analogue to Veloshape.


Slimness Perfection (SOTHYS)
Price 36,- Eur

Active massage for elimination of fat and cellulite.


Slimness Harmony (SOTHYS)
Price 55,- Eur

Procedure will actively eliminate fat and sculpt body silhouette.



  Full legs 20,- Eur
Legs till knee 10,- Eur
Back 12,- Eur
Arms till elbow 8 - 12,- Eur
Armpits 6,- Eur
Bikini  10 - 15,- Eur

  General body massage 35,- Eur
Back massage 12,- Eur
Neck massage 8,- Eur
Leg massage 15,- Eur