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Kupfernams was built at the beginning of the 19th century on the street that was called “Karlstrasse“at the time.  The first inhabitants of the street – the Kupfers were Germans, like the majority of the inhabitants of the city. The first known owner of the building was Aleksander Kupfer (born in 1856), the son of Theodor, therefore there is a guess that the Kupfers were the builders of the house.  
Kupfer was a wealthy man, his house was located on one of the most important streets of the city – it was possible to go to the church, to the market and to the port when going along the street. He was also a sociable man, he was the member of the city council, the general agent of the insurance company “Rossiya“, the president of the craftsmen guild, the senior of the merchant guild, as well as the leader of the German Cultural Union.  
Kupfernams was sold around 1918 and it became the state property. The state gave an opportunity to rent the building with one condition – there had to be a restaurant and a hotel in the building. There was a hotel and a restaurant “Gauja“ in the building up till 1940, few changes of the owners took place in the period.
After people’s stories there was playing live music in the restaurant and it was a fun relaxation place. It is known from safe sources that it was possible to earn enough money to buy a brand new bicycle when working as a Dishwasher for a summer period. It was possible to buy alcohol in the restaurant although it was prohibited at the time. The drinks were hidden in the basement, there were only little doors leading to it. Police did not manage to discover this hiding place which was covered only with the table of the restaurant.  
All of the business activities were stopped in 1940. and the building became a public one. Kupfernams served as a hospital for German soldiers during the war time. There was  “Public Catering Shop Nr 47“ in the building a bit later.  
There was operating the office of the across the street Dairy in 1945, later on there was a chess club and the apartments in Kupfernams.  
The building was neglected for several decades, it was demolished and even underwent the fire.  
The state owned building was acquired by a private entrepreneur in 1997 and it was renovated for the next 6 years.  
The building reopened it’s doors on December 23, 2003, with a beauty salon „Jasmīne“ in it. The services of a beautician, a hairdresser, a manicurist, a pedicurist and a masseuse were available, as well as the sun bed.  There is a cafe in the building and on the second floor there is a little hotel.  
The building has been added to the list of the European Cultural – Historical heritage sites, whereas the doors of the building is the cultural monument of Latvia.  
Let’s just add that the building got it’s name “Kupfernams“ only in 2004 in honor of it’s first owner Aleksander Kupfer.